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Lego Architecture New York City, Skyline Collection
Build a detailed model of the New York City Skyline, including the Statue of Liberty!
Model features the Flatiron Building, Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, and the One World Trade Center
Includes collectible booklet containing information about the design, architecture and history of the building
Lego Architecture United States Capitol Building
Build a detailed model of the United States Capitol Building!
Includes collectible booklet containing information about the design, architecture and history of the building
LEGO Architecture building toys are compatible with all LEGO construction sets for creative building
Lego Idea Nasa Apollo V Saturn Building Kit
The Apollo spacecraft features the lunar Lander and the lunar orbiter
Includes a booklet about the manned Apollo Moon missions and the fan designers of this set
Measures over 39 inches (100cm) high and 6 inches (17cm) in diameter

Best legos for adults

When you think of legos, what comes to mind first? Children’s toys, right? It is natural, after all, legos are associated with kids. However, I have seen adults more interested in playing with legos than children. Parents buy legos for their kids, but ultimately, they end up playing with the legos themselves. I might as well be one of them, which is why I did some searching around, and I found out that I am not alone. In fact, I found legos for adults.

Legos have been around for quite some time now, and I am sure you had the chance to play with them when you were a child. However, just because now you are a grown-up, you think you cannot do it again. Of course, you do. I am a grown-up, and I still like playing with Legos. I have even been to Legoland in Denmark. It was a trip for the child within.

The difference between legos for adults and the ones for children

Seeing a title such as ‘legos for adults’ may make you wonder what the difference is. Actually, the first question would be ‘is there such a thing as legos for adults?’ The answer is positive. There are. Just do a simple Google search, and you will see that there is such a thing as legos for adults and that they are quite different than the ones for children.

Legos for adults are more intricate building kits. While children can build ordinary houses and whatnot, as an adult, you get to make a replica of the Empire State Building or the Capitol Building. The pieces are a bit more difficult as well since the architecture of some buildings is let’s go with sleek. You can also build rockets ships, and whatever Lego has in store for you.

Why should an adult play with Legos?

I think that the correct question is why shouldn’t they? Yes, legos may have started as a company that produces toys for children, but let’s not pretend that adults do not like building things out of legos. If you think about it, it is quite similar to puzzles. You see children putting together puzzles, but so do adults. Except that theirs is a little bit more difficult.

While playing with legos has numerous benefits among children, you can buy yourself a set too. Here is why you should do it.

  • Lego Serious Play – legos may be considered mostly toys, but there is a serious aspect somewhere in there as well. Lego Serious Play is a practical benefit for adults. The concept includes some activities that combine metaphorical modeling, lego building, and peer discussions as a means to discuss complex problems. The idea comes as an innovative process, and it is supposed to improve business performance. According to research, the concept works pretty well since it generates a deep and meaningful understanding of the world as a whole. At the same time, it leads to business solutions. It seems to me that there is a lot of pressure for some legos, but who am I do contradict a bunch o researchers?
  • You can relax – buying yourself a Lego set may help you relax a little bit. Work is stressful, and if you do not want to go out, you can just spend a few hours finishing your lego set. It requires little thinking, but the brain will continue to work. Plus, you get a new toy for your Lego collection.
  • Some sets are collectible – there is an entire industry of collectible Legos. If you go on eBay, you will see what I am talking about. And some people are passionate about it. For example, if you are a Star Wars fan, you cannot pass the opportunity of not buying the Lego Millenium Falcon ship. It is a must in your merchandise collection.
  • It can help you think – thinking sometimes requires an incentive, so to speak. Some people go for a jog, other crochet, and some people like to play with Legos. Whatever works. The point is that legos do not require much skill. It gives your hands something to do without bothering the brain too much. That way you can focus on solving whatever problem you may want to think about.
  • You can play with your kid – children usually learn how to play with legos on their own, but they do not do a very good job at first. But if your kid sees you doing it, maybe he or she will learn things like how to use some of the pieces, or hot to arrange the parts for the structure to last. These things may seem like a piece of cake to you, but not for a 4-year old child. A kid at that age does not have his or her problem-solving skills fully developed.
  • It is plain fun – who said that legos must require a reason to buy. You can buy it just because you enjoy them, and that is it. You do not need justifications. In every adult, there is a child that hides. Well…when legos are involved, the child comes out. Just do it for fun, and that’s that.

How to choose the best legos for adults?

Choosing a legos kit should not be difficult. You have where to choose from. There are plenty of sets for every taste and for every fan of popular movies. But just for the sake of making sure that you know how to make the right choice, here are some criteria you can base your decision on.

  • Design – when you are looking for legos for adults, you will see that you can find a vast variety of sets. Some will be buildings, other skylines, or maybe you want something a little more fun and try for a movie item, like the example I have given earlier with the Millenium Falcon from Star Wars.
  • The number of pieces – since this kind of legos are destined for adults, the number of pieces will not be a couple of hundreds. To qualify as legos for adults, the parts must be over 500. At least. Some sets have over 1000. It is a good thing if you think about it. That way it will take you longer to finish it so you will enjoy it more. After all, what is the fun in building a Lego toy if you finish it in half an hour?

To be honest, that is pretty much it. The rest of the criteria need to established by you according to your preferences.

What are the best legos for adults?

I have browsed through a lot of legos. In fact, I have never seen so many legos in my life. The point is that since the demand is high, the offer is accordingly. You can choose from fictional sets to real-life figures. It should be a pretty easy decision to make. Legos for adults are easy to distinguish from the ones destined to children. As for my part, I chose three of my favorites lego sets. I hope you will enjoy them just as much as I do.

Lego Architecture New York City, Skyline Collection

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I do not have so much love for the apple city, but I have to admit it has a pretty incredible skyline. The one that you get to do using the legos from this set will not look as stunning, but at least you get to have some fun replicating one of New York City’s beauties. The set contains the pieces that will enable you to build the Flatiron building, Empire State Building, One World Trade Center, and of course, the Statue of Liberty could not miss this gathering.

The set contains 598 pieces, and if you have built legos before, you should be able to do it easily. However, the set requires much patience. It will take you a while to get it done. Of course, if you get bored one afternoon, you may finish it, but still. The New York City Skyline measures 10 inches in height, 9 inches in width, and 1 inch in depth. That is when you are done.

The set also includes a collectible booklet that contains information about the design, architecture, and history of the buildings. You get to play and learn something. As for the pieces themselves, they capture as much as possible the real look of the buildings.

Lego Architecture United States Capitol Building

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This set allows you to put together another iconic building from the United States, the Capitol Building. The resemblance between the real deal and the completed project of yours is pretty good. The manufacturer paid attention to the details of the building, and the result is that all of your legos will copy them a best as possible.

This time, the set comes with 1032 pieces. That is quite a lot, and finishing the project will take some time and dedication. But that works for the best because you will have something to do during your breaks. And once you are finished, you will be a little proud of yourself. This is not the easiest set, after all. As for measurement, the Lego Capitol Building is 6 inches in height, 17 inches in width, and 6 inches in depth. You will need a wide surface to place this set on.

Since this set belongs to the same collection as the previous one, you will be getting the collectible booklet that contains information on design, architecture, and history of the building. All the pieces are compatible with all legos construction sets.

Lego Idea Nasa Apollo V Saturn Building Kit

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If putting up buildings out of legos is not your thing, maybe the Nasa Apollo Saturn will pique your interest. Building spaceships may seem more suitable for some people who get bored doing iconic buildings from the United States. The rocket will look very good in a corner of the house once you are done putting it together.

One of the reasons this set seems more interesting is that it features a meter-high (1:100 scale) of the Nasa Apollo Saturn V with the removable first rocket stage, removable S-II second rocket stage, and all the details of the rocket are being kept. I am telling you, this might as well pass as an exact replica, but in legos, of course.

The spacecraft also features the Lunar landing and the lunar orbiter. The set contains a booklet about the manned Apollo Moon missions and the fan designers of this set. However, I kept the best for last. The Nasa Apollo Saturn V measures over 39 inches in height and 17 inches in diameter. There are 1969 pieces in total (I see what they did there!) It is an excellent ‘toy’ to view when it is done. You will be proud.

My recommendation

While I like the Lego Architecture Collection, this time I am going to go with the Lego Idea Nasa Apollo V Saturn Building Kit. It should provide hours of fun, and I am sure you are going to like it. If you do not want to spend $3500 on an Ultimate Collector’s set, this is one of the best legos for adults you can have in this price range.


While there are practical benefits of legos for adults, I am enjoying it for fun only. I may be a grown-up, but I will never refuse an opportunity to play with Legos. If you are like me, go crazy on Legos. You will relax, have fun, experience the occasional frustration, and then resume building. Click here to buy on Amazon

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